Why controversy can make things popular

  • 1 Because so many people talk about the subject

    As many people talk about a certain controversial subject, even the ones who don't agree with it, the subject becomes more popular.

  • 2 New people hear about controversial things through debates

    The ongoing debates between the two parties results in letting new people hear about the subject. Those people might have been neutral towards the subject or might have not heard about the subject before.

  • 3 People are eager to prove themselves right

    Once a debate starts, people's egos get involved and everyone becomes eager to prove themselves right. This results in a lot of fuss that makes the controversial matter even more popular.

  • 4 There is usually no final word

    Because controversial subjects or products usually lie in a grey area, it might be hard for any of the parties to come up with a final word and so the debate keeps going for a long period of time.

  • 5 The human brain likes novelty

    Many of the controversial subjects are novel ones. The human brain is hardwired to get attracted to new and unconventional stuff (See why our brains like novelty).

  • 6 Some people might try the product to see which party is right

    As a result of the ongoing debates, some people try the controversial product to see for themselves which party is right.

  • 7 People can go to extremes to prove themselves right

    If the debate becomes intense, some people might do anything just to prove their opinion is right. This could turn the debate into a movement that attempts to prove a certain point of view right.

  • 8 Negative publicity is still considered publicity

    Even if someone wrote a blog post full of hate about a certain product, they will still be introducing that product to so many new people and if some of them liked it then this person would have done free marketing for the product.

  • 9 The subject becomes more interesting

    Once a subject becomes controversial, it becomes more interesting to talk about it. This usually leads to further publicity and wider coverage of the subject.

  • 10 Controversy can push sales

    In many cases, controversy can lead to more sales as a result of the intense publicity the product got through the conversations that took place between the two parties.