Why did Alex Standall shoot himself - 13 Reasons Why

    Why did Alex Standall shoot himself - 13 Reasons Why

  • 1 He couldn't live with guilt

    Alex couldn't live with the guilt that resulted from hearing about the events in the tape. Alex was becoming unstable and it was obvious during his last encounters with the other friends.

  • 2 He felt responsible for Hannah's death

    Alex felt responsible for Hannah's death one way or another. He believed that he was one of the reasons she shot herself and so he felt extremely bad.

  • 3 He felt bad for Jessica

    Alex felt really bad after knowing what happened to Jessica. He couldn't imagine that both Jessica and Hannah were suffering that much.

  • 4 He knew the truth will be revealed

    Alex realized that the truth about Hannah and Jessica was going to be known to the public. He might have realized that he wouldn't be able to live with that or handle the consequences.

  • 5 He was afraid of his father

    Some fans suggest that Alex's fear of his father knowing the truth motivated him to shoot himself in attempt to run away from the responsibility.

  • 6 He was becoming very depressed

    Alex was becoming depressed and unstable near the end of the show. The emotional pressure was too much for him to handle and this could be one reason why he shot himself.

  • 7 Some fans suggest Tyler shot him

    Some fans suggest that Alex Standall did not shoot himself and that Tyler was the one who shot him. Those people pointed to the fact that Tyler bought some guns and kept them hidden.