Why did CrossFit become popular

  • 1 CrossFit's goal is general physical preparedness

    Greg Glassman, CrossFit founder, discovered that training with a barbell and dumbbells can make a gymnast stronger than only depending on bodyweight. CrossFit helps in achieving 'greater work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” 

  • 2 CrossFit enhances 10 important physical qualities

    Athletes enhance their stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and their cardiovascular/respiratory endurance. CrossFitters acquire such skills by including movements from gymnastics, weightlifting and sprinting or high-intensity work.

  • 3 CrossFitters can easily measure their progress

    CrossFit brings repeatable, measurable results. It focuses on certain weights, certain distances and certain movements over a determined period of time. This helps a CrossFit player to measure their performance from day to day.

  • 4 CrossFit offers a strong sense of community

    Statistics show that solo fitness activities are declining. CrossFit communities are increasing, providing individuals with the team spirit. Working in a team brings motivation, and provides a healthy amount of competition, helping in achieving better results in less time.

  • 5 CrossFit is very challenging

    Every new WOD (Workout of the Day) is a new challenge that leads to self-improvement and progression. Each WOD is difficult and can be hardly completed, but when the athlete finishes it, they get a rush of endorphins and positive reinforcement that can not be replaced.

  • 6 CrossFit has a viral coefficient greater than one

    A viral coefficient in case of CrossFit depends on how good the current players are at attracting their friends and other people to join. Since CrossFit has a viral coefficient that is greater than one; it means that each CrossFitter brings at least one other person to join, increasing in number.

  • 7 CrossFit leads its players to be recognized

    CrossFit has some very difficult and challenging movements such as the muscle ups and pistol squats, and many difficult lifts. They often take a significant time of practice to be achieved, but once done, a magnificent celebration occurs among the teammates, leading to recognition and satisfaction.

  • 8 CrossFit workouts' durations are usually short

    Most of CrossFit WODs can be completed in less than 20 minutes. The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a short, very focused, exhausting routine, so it saves time while still being effective.

  • 9 CrossFit makes women feel more powerful

    CrossFit is in some ways more transformative for women than men. It builds their strength, helping them in their daily activities. Women think it is more rewarding to get a pull-up done, pulling their own body up, than focusing on looking better and comparing their bodies to other women at the gym.

  • 10 CrossFit has a formal competition

    The annual Reebok Crossfit Games is a three-day, single-sport, multi-disciplined competition. Anyone from any place in the world is welcome to join. It offers a prize money of nearly $250,000 for each winner.

  • 11 CrossFit is for all athletic levels: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

    CrossFit has basic moves that are easily learnt and can be done by almost anyone. There are then progressions to take the athletes to the next level. Also, CrossFit is used today by law enforcement, public safety, and military personnel, as well as many elite athlete, martial arts practitioners.

  • 12 Crossfit was supported by many affiliates

    The business model CrossFit founders used to spread the sport was affiliate marketing. According to Wikipedia, in 2016 CrossFit had more than 13,000 affiliates spreading the new sport around the world. See how CrossFit started.