Why did dinosaurs become extinct

    Why did dinosaurs become extinct

  • 1 A giant asteroid changed the weather

    According to a popular theory, a giant asteroid could have crashed into earth and resulted in changing the climate, making it much cooler. It's widely believed that dinosaurs were cold blooded and as a result they weren't able to survive the cold weather.

  • 2 Widespread volcanism

    According to one theory, there was evidence of widespread volcanism. Prolonged volcanism could have contributed to a climate change similar to the one the asteroid theory refers to.

  • 3 Ice Age theory

    According to one theory, an ice age could have happened which could have led to covering plants in ice and as a result depriving dinosaurs of their food source.

  • 4 Spread of disease

    One theory suggests that a disease could have spread thus killing so many dinosaurs in a short period of time.

  • 5 Small mammals eating their eggs

    According to one theory, the small mammals, which used to exist at the same time, could have started to compete with dinosaurs for food sources and to even eat their eggs. 

  • 6 Volcanic ash blocking the sun

    According to one theory, there could have been intense volcanic activity that could have led to the formation of intense ash in the air that blocked sun rays.

  • 7 Their bodies became too big

    According to one theory, dinosaurs' bodies may have grown too big that their small brains failed to operate those big bodies. See why did Dinosaurs grow so big.

  • 8 They ate all the food

    According to one theory, dinosaurs may have consumed the available food with a very fast rate and as a result failed to find enough food to sustain their living.

  • 9 Hay fever

    According to one theory, flowering plants known as angiosperms rose around 65 million years ago, which could have created a mass allergic reaction among dinosaurs.

  • 10 Cosmic rays

    Some people suggest that a massive comet could have came close to earth and resulted in emitting radioactive waves that killed dinosaurs. Because the remains of dinosaurs show no signs of radiation, this theory is very likely to be wrong.

  • 11 Gradual extinction

    While most theories propose that dinosaurs went extinct in a short period of time, some suggest that the extinction could been slow and gradual.

  • 12 Poisoned plants

    According to one theory, selenium, which is produced by volcanic lava, could have dissolved into earth and made the plants toxic. This could have resulted in killing the dinosaurs who fed on them.

  • 13 Thinning egg shells

    According to one theory, dinosaur eggs could have kept thinning until they reached an extent where they could no longer support life.

  • 14 Caterpillars eating plants

    According to one theory, caterpillars could have reduced plant density and so deprived dinosaurs of their food.