Why did Facebook succeed whereas MySpace and Friendster did not?

    Why did Facebook succeed whereas MySpace and Friendster did not?

  • 1 A private community

    The fact that Facebook started as a private community made it extremely appealing to people. People want to belong to special minority groups and Facebook allowed some people to do that in its early days.

  • 2 Opened up for university students

    One of Facebook's smart moves was opening up to students of other universities. When that happened, Facebook gained momentum fast and got enough users to prepare it for the second phase which is world domination.

  • 3 Freindster has serious problems scaling

    Friendster had serious problems scaling, and the site's loading time became extremely slow. At some points, it took as much as one minute for the site to load. This pushed away users and made Friendster lag behind (see why do businesses fail).

  • 4 Friendster's board members were focused on the wrong thing

    Instead of agreeing on solving the technical problems with the site, most of Freindster's board members were focused on totally different things such as new partnerships. Jonathan Abrams, Friendster's founder kept urging the board to focus on those issues but that never happened.

  • 5 MySpace tried to control the behavior of its users

    MySpace tried to limit the creativity of users. Whenever a user did something that he wasn't supposed to do, such as creating a profile for his dog, the action was revoked and sometimes the user was banned. As a result, users began to feel suffocated.

  • 6 Facebook gave users ultimate freedom

    Facebook, on the other hand, allowed users to choose new features. When users started to create profiles for their dogs, Facebook created Dogbook for them. Facebook left no frustrated users behind, and as a result, people connected to it more.

  • 7 Facebook urged users to create real profiles

    While MySpace and Friendster were busy with other issues, Facebook was making sure that people enter their real information, thus mapping the real life relationships online through the site.

  • 8 Facebook was more focused on the social part

    MySpace pages were cluttered & the site was a bit focused on music. Facebook was focused on users and social connections. This led to better positioning for the Facebook brand in people's minds (see also why facebook is so addictive).

  • 9 Stunning social features like the wall & the newsfeed

    Facebook introduced very brilliant features such as the Wall, the newsfeed & relationship status. These features made Facebook much more appealing to people who wanted to connect with others.