Why did PC sales decline in 2012, 2013 and 2014

    Why did PC sales decline in 2012, 2013 and 2014

  • 1 The explosion of smartphone adoption

    Mobile phone adoption has increased dramatically during those years, passing 1.5 billion units. The increase in sales of smartphones has hurt worldwide PC shipments.

  • 2 Smartphones are becoming smarter

    With the technology advancement taking place, smartphones are now capable of doing more and more of the functions a PC can do. This has led to a new segment of users who depend solely on their phones to access the internet for their important tasks.

  • 3 Smartphones target the needs of a large number of people

    So many people don't need a keyboard and don't do professional work on a PC but just owned one to access the internet or use social media. This market segment has found that they need nothing but a mobile phone to do those things now.

  • 4 Tablets replacing PCs

    For those who disliked the small screens of mobile phones, tablets came to the rescue. The adoption of tablets is yet another reason why PC sales have declined.

  • 5 Some companies started using tablets instead of PCs

    Some companies and schools started to distribute tablets instead of PCs. This has led to a further decline in PC sales.

  • 6 People replace a PC every few years

    PCs are becoming more durable and as a result many people purchase a new PC once every few years.

  • 7 Tablets and smartphones are more portable

    For years people have suffered while trying to carry around their heavy laptops. Tablets and smartphones, which are much easier to carry, have resulted in making people less dependent on PCs.

  • 8 Sales excepted to become steady

    Analysts expect PC sales in 2015 to stop declining and some expect the sales to even go higher in 2016. Those analysts believe that most of those who would own a smartphone or a tablet already do.

  • 9 Smartphones and tablets are something new

    PCs have been part of peoples' everyday lives for decades now. Smartphones and tablets are a new invention which excites people and motivates them to give them more attention (See why we like novel things).