Why did Tinder become successful

    Why did Tinder become successful

  • 1 Less fear of rejection

    The way tinder works prevents a person from getting a notification that someone liked them directly. Instead, it only creates a match when two people manage to like each other. This reduces the fear of rejection greatly.

  • 2 Very simple to use

    Tinder is an extremely easy to Use app with a very short learning curve. Simpler apps usually become more popular as their adoption rates increase easily.

  • 3 Dopamine rush causes addiction

    When a person expects to find new partners easily with a swipe, his brain releases the reward seeking chemical, Dopamine. Dopamine is a highly addictive chemical and it results in feelings of pleasure and excitement. This makes Tinder an addictive app.

  • 4 Variable rewards lead to addiction

    The fact that a person can expect to find many new dates easily triggers a part in the brain that gets excited by variable rewards. This makes the App even more addictive. See psychological reasons that lead to Gambling.

  • 5 Very short session time

    A person can open the app, swipe through potential partners and end the session in a few seconds. The short session time motivates people to keep checking the app. See why is Tinder bad for your mental health.

  • 6 Facebook Integration

    The Facebook Integration allows Tinder to access a person's info in seconds without asking him to fill his detailed information. The fact that a person can start using the App right away made it more popular.

  • 7 You can only speak with your match

    The fact that a person can only speak with his match makes the app more interesting to use, as people can avoid spammers or the ones who send random unsolicited messages.

  • 8 They targeted small communities

    The founders targeted college students when they started. This allowed the app to easily get populated by people living in the same area. As these small communities grew, the app also grew quickly.

  • 9 Finding people from the same community

    Tinder uses Facebook's mutual friends to recommend people in your same social circle. This results in finding people who are more interesting.

  • 10 Higher success rate

    The fact that a person only gets to talk to someone when a match happens results in an increased chance of success.

  • 11 Targets human curiosity

    A typical person might get very curious to know who likes him in his area, and as a result he might become a Tinder addict.