Why did Tyler have guns - 13 Reasons Why

  • 1 To kill his bullies

    One possible explanation for the guns Tyler bought is that he decided that he is going to end the bullying he's subjected to by shooting the people who used to bully him. Removing Alex's picture might have been done because Tyler decided to exclude him from the shooting spree as he was kind to him.

  • 2 To kill those who hurt Hannah

    Tyler might have decided to kill the people who hurt Hannah because he couldn't take it anymore. The tapes could have resulted in a lot of guilt that he couldn't stand.

  • 3 Tyler gave Alex the gun

    Some people suggested that Tyler helped Alex shoot himself by bringing him the gun he wanted. In such a case, Alex was the one who decided to end his own life.

  • 4 He feels very guilty

    Some suggest that Tyler could have felt very guilty because of Hannah's death and so he might have planned to kill himself.

  • 5 He might be a weapon dealer

    Tyler might have became involved in weapon dealing. In such a case, he might be indirectly responsible for Alex's death.

  • 6 Some people suggest he killed Alex

    Some fans suggest Tyler was the one who shot Alex, but this theory doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. See why did Alex shoot himself.