Why did Myspace fail

    Why did Myspace fail

  • 1 Loss of focus

    Myspace got cluttered & filled with features. This moved the site too many steps away from simplicity. Facebook, on the other hand was clean, simple to use and hence more appealing (See why simplicity helps).

  • 2 Embraced a closed system

    While Myspace embraced a closed system, Facebook opened its doors to developments. The result was a significant leap in Facebook apps and games compared to Myspace which almost remained in place (See why Facebook succeeded).

  • 3 Focused on money not innovation

    While Facebook was focused on innovation, Myspace management was focused on milking the cow. The result was a site stuffed with ads and ignored basic user needs.

  • 4 Real users vs fake profiles

    While Facebook implemented a strict system to ensure people had real names and profiles, Myspace was full of fake users and spam accounts.

  • 5 Facebook kept evolving

    Facebook kept evolving by listening to people and adding new features that matched their needs. Myspace wasn't as focused on user needs as Facebook. In fact, they punished users who broke the rules by banning them instead of building the features they needed.

  • 6 Poor design and bad execution

    Sean Parker, one of Facebook's biggest shareholders, said that Myspace was a victim of poor execution. He said that they could have done well by just copying Facebook's features, but they were always slow movers.

  • 7 Myspace were slow in their move to mobiles

    Facebook's app was released on smartphones months earlier than Myspace's app. As the world was shifting to mobile internet, Facebook was at a more powerful position.

  • 8 Rebranding itself as an entertainment hub

    Myspace moved away from the competition by re-branding itself as an entertainment hub. The move wasn't just slow but it also made it clear that Facebook is the social network for keeping in touch with friends (See why branding is important).