Why did people like the Angry Birds movie?

    Why did people like the Angry Birds movie?

  • 1 Based on a popular game

    The movie is based on a very popular video game. Angry Birds was one the most popular games in 2009.

  • 2 It's a family movie

    It doesn't matter if you're young or old. The movie is very entertaining for the whole family.

  • 3 It's very funny

    There are several moments in Angry Birds that are filled with drama. However, the overall of the movie is made up of comedy.

  • 4 The voice acting is good

    Peter Dinklage's performance and singing as the Mighty Eagle stole the spotlight. However, the other characters were very well played.

  • 5 The soundtracks are great

    From Scorpion's 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' to Demi Lovato's 'I Will Survive', the choice of music in the movie is excellent.

  • 6 It makes fun of other movies

    The movie throws a couple of punch lines at older movies just to make it more marketable and easier to relate to.

  • 7 The story

    The movie follows Red, who is an average person. He is not very likeable and has anger issues. The story is similar to other underdog stories.

  • 8 The animation is very good

    The movie had a good budget, making the animation for the movie excellent in comparison to other movies of the same genre.

  • 9 You can watch it more than once

    It's not one of the movies that loses its appeal after the first time. In fact, Angry Birds can be watched several times and stay funny each time.