Why did Super Mario become very popular?

    Why did Super Mario become very popular?

  • 1 It was one of a kind at its time

    When Super Mario was first introduced, the game was so different from the other games available at that time. It had great 2D graphics compared to other games, it had a good storyline and very interesting game-play.

  • 2 It had changing screens

    Unlike Pacman where everything happened on the same screen, Super Mario was one of the first games to introduce changing screens.

  • 3 People loved the character

    The fact that Mario was simple and relatable (since he looked like a human) made people love him. People loved the game character and found him very interesting compared to Sega's Sonic who didn't gain as much popularity.

  • 4 Very interesting super powers (back then)

    At the time Mario was released the mushrooms that made him grow or the ones that allowed him to throw fire balls were impressive. Games didn't have those variations back then and this was why people were so impressed by those power ups.

  • 5 It had a clear storyline

    Super Mario games always had the same clear story line, save the princess from the evil Bowser. This made it easy for people to relate to the game and get engaged whenever a new version was released.

  • 6 Nostalgia

    So many people grew up with Super Mario games. The Mario character represented great memories for them. Nostalgia is one of the main reasons many adults still play the new Mario games. See why we become nostalgic.

  • 7 It came free with the NES

    The Nintendo entertainment system came with pre-installed games. Super Mario was one of the very impressive free games that came with the console.

  • 8 It featured exploration and excitment

    People weren't used to exploring new worlds when Super Mario was first released. The excitement of exploring a new world, with its enemies and characters made the game so popular.

  • 9 It sparked curiosity

    In addition to changing screens, the game had so many elements that triggered people's curiosity, such as the question marks that came with hidden rewards, the pipes that allowed people to discover hidden areas and the power ups hidden in blocks.

  • 10 The game had so many varations

    The game had so many variations and this made it appeal to a very wide range of people. Super Mario world, Mario kart, Dr Mario and many other variations that included the game's main character, Mario, made him very popular.

  • 11 The characters appealed to a wide range of people

    Mario wasn't a cowboy or a medieval warrior so that only guys liked him, but he had a generic look and personality that appealed to both guys and girls.

  • 12 It was among the first arcade games to be taken home

    Super Mario was one of the first 2D arcade games to be played at home. This increased its popularity even more.