Why did the Powerball price go up

  • 1 To increase the jackpot value

    Powerball increased the price to be able to increase the jackpot value in order to attract more people to the game.

  • 2 To increase the prize

    Powerball has increased in price in order to give a higher reward to the winner. When people pay more for the tickets, the prizes given can be increased.

  • 3 To differentiate it from Mega Millions

    Powerball might have increased the price to differentiate itself from Mega Millions which is another lottery game that is sold in 42 states. See why do people gamble.

  • 4 To increase the odds of winning

    Powerball officials said that the new changes will increase the chances of winning. Odds of winning the jackpot will improve from 1 in 195.2 million to 1 in 175.2 million and the overall odds of winning will improve from 1 in 35 to 1 in 32. 

  • 5 To generate more money for education

    Officials said that the increase in price will help generate additional money for students and their families. The price could have been increased to support education.

  • 6 The lottery program faced an $8 million deficit

    In December 201,1 the lottery program faced an $8 million deficit. The price could have increased to help deal with that deficit.

  • 7 Expectations that the price won't affect sales

    The officials had expectations that the increase in price won't affect the sales that much. This could have been one motive behind the price increase.