Why did the Russian Flight 9268 crash in Egypt in October 2015

    Why did the Russian Flight 9268 crash in Egypt in October 2015

  • 1 There is no Final word yet

    Many theories have been proposed about the Crash. Some of them are supported by clues but up to this point the real reason is still not known.

  • 2 Egyptians : It's too early to know the cause

    Ayman al-Muqaddam , the Egyptian head of the international team leading the investigation, said that the investigation is still running and that all Scenarios are possible. See also why Alexandria of Egypt drowned in water in winter 2015.

  • 3 Noise was heard on the cockpit

    Mr Al-Muqaddam confirmed that noise was heard on the Cockpit in the last seconds before the crash but said that a spectral analysis is still needed for the cause to be known. See what happened to Malaysian flight 370.

  • 4 Black Box data : Sudden Blackout

    The Black-box data has shown that there is a sudden blackout after 24 minutes of normal recording. Some investigations claimed that this is the sign of the presence of a bomb as mechanical failures usually show some noise before the blackout. See also why some Egyptians support El-Sisi.

  • 5 The Sudden blackout might be an Explosion

    According to TheGuardian the sudden blackout was preceded by a sound that seemed like a sound of explosion. Supporters of the Bomb theory believe that this was the sound of a bomb exploding. See Why the Egyptian revolution happened.

  • 6 No enough information was given to Egypt

    Egypt criticized the Fact that British and US officials took the matter public without sharing the information they have with the Egyptians. The Egyptians said the British and the US officials didn't share information with them.

  • 7 French officials suggested it's an Explosion

    French officials suggested that the crash was caused by Violent explosion but didn't provide enough evidence to back their claims.

  • 8 US Officials claim it was a bomb

    The US officials claimed they are sure the crash was due to a bomb. Their claim depends on the intercepts of chatter between ISIS members in Syria, Iraq and Sinai. See Why ISIS victim are usually calm before Execution.

  • 9 The UK Supports US claims

    The UK supports the US claims as both countries said that they carried out the investigation together.

  • 10 Supporters of the Bomb theory Blame ISIS

    The people who support the Bomb theory blame ISIS for the explosion.

  • 11 British intelligence claim to have more facts

    The British intelligence claimed to have some information that proves that the plane was taken down by a terrorist bombing.

  • 12 Russian intelligence confirmed it's a bomb

    The Russian intelligence has confirmed that the plane was taken down by a bomb having 1 to 2 Kilograms of explosives.