Why you should display product's price on your website

    Why you should display product's price on your website

  • 1 Price is #1 info customers want to see

    Customers voted price as the number 1 information they want to see when looking up a product or service.

  • 2 Not seeing the price frustrates visitors

    Studies showed that visitors who couldn't find price on the website became frustrated and left. (See also why journalists leave websites.)

  • 3 People prefer to find information on their own

    Showing price helps people do what they want to do on their own - conduct research on the internet. They do not want to find the price by contacting a sales agent.

  • 4 People leave for competitors when price isn't present

    When the customers couldn't find the price on the website, they left to the competition's website. 

  • 5 Rationalizations for not displaying price are seen as excuses

    Businesses often rationalize why they are hesitant to display prices but customers see it as excuses. They will have to pay in the end so it is fair they know how much.

  • 6 Customers become untrustworthy

    Hiding prices makes customers think badly of business. They become untrustworthy and that is number 1 prerequisite to make a business deal with somebody.

  • 7 Hidden price might create a negative Halo Effect

    The negative effect from hiding prices can create a Halo Effect which affects all aspects of the business. Negative feelings about hidden price ('they're hiding info I need') transfer to everything else ('they’re difficult to deal with. I don’t like them.')

  • 8 People think hidden prices cannot be afforded

    When people see that prices aren't displayed they conclude that they probably cannot afford them. They think to themselves - 'If I have to ask, I can't afford it.'

  • 9 Hidden price makes it difficult to categorize product or service

    People need to frame the product or service in their mind and price is one of the tools for that. Hiding the price makes it very difficult to see the product's or service's level of amateurism or professionalism. 

  • 10 Products and services cannot be compared

    Customers often want to compare products or services. Hiding the price makes that more difficult.

  • 11 Customers cannot plan anything

    Customers use price for planning their budget expenses. Hiding the price makes it impossible to do that and they are less likely to plan anything else with such businesses.