Why do apps and sites use Facebook login

    Why do apps and sites use Facebook login

  • 1 To make signing up easier

    Developers know that people find the registration process annoying. They use Facebook login to make the process of registration as simple as possible. See why simple products succeeded.

  • 2 To speed up signing up and logging in

    With Facebook sign up and login, the user doesn't have to enter any information, for most information is usually grabbed from their personal Facebook account. This speeds up both the signing up and logging in process.

  • 3 To grab correct user information

    Most Facebook users have their real information posted on Facebook. When apps depend on Facebook's data to populate their databases, they ensure reliability to a certain extent. See why Tinder uses Facebook.

  • 4 People got used to easy sign-ups

    As people got used to Facebook and Google sign-ups, they started feeling that the ordinary sign-up process is difficult and annoying. As the new standard became fast sign-ups, many developers chose to follow the new easy process. See also why Facebook is addictive.

  • 5 Users don't have to remember their password

    Many apps and sites use Facebook sign-up in such a case that a user doesn't have to enter a password. This makes it easier for the user, for they don't have to remember a password.

  • 6 People feel safe using it

    As Facebook sign-up became popular, people started feeling safe using it. Most people would prefer a Facebook sign up over an ordinary sign up when given both options.

  • 7 Facebook has more than 1.7 billion users

    In 2016, Facebook reported it has more than 1.79 billion users. The fact that Facebook has so many users makes it very likely that a person using an app or a site will also be a Facebook user. See how Zuckerberg came up with Facebook.

  • 8 To give users more options

    Many sites and apps try to provide users with many options in order to help them to choose what they prefer. Many apps provide different methods of signing up, including Facebook login. See why Apps fail.

  • 9 To increase sign up rates

    Studies show that sign up rates increase when apps and sites offer people the option to sign up using Facebook. Developers usually add this option to get more sign ups. See why Facebook forced people to use messenger.

  • 10 Data entry on phones can be annoying

    As mobile phones became more popular, many people became frustrated of the difficulty of data entry on such phones. Facebook makes it easier for those people to sign up since no data entry is required.