Why do authors abbreviate their names

    Why do authors abbreviate their names

  • 1 To prevent reader bias

    A reader might be biased against a certain author if their name implies that they belong to a certain cult, ethnic group or religion. Some authors hide their initial name to appeal to a broader audience.

  • 2 To make the name simpler

    Some authors abbreviate their complex names and leave out the simple ones so that it becomes easier for people to remember their names. This is a typical branding move that many authors do to enhance their personal brand. See also the importance of branding.

  • 3 To prevent gender bias

    Some authors abbreviate their first name in order to appeal to both the female and male audience. For some types of novels, the gender of the writer can affect the sales.

  • 4 To create a different identity

    Some authors use different identities when writing in different genres. The abbreviation of one or more names gives the author the option to have more than one identity.

  • 5 To differentiate themselves from other authors

    Some authors might abbreviate some of their names in order to differentiate themselves from authors with different names.

  • 6 To make it more appealing

    Some publishing houses insist that authors change their names or abbreviate a name or two to make their name more appealing from a commercial point of view.

  • 7 They don't like their first name

    Some people don't really like their first or second names so they try to abbreviate them in order to let people know them by the name they like the most. See also why people use nicknames.

  • 8 They have long names

    If the first or second name of an author is long then the full name might not sound commercial. The author might thus decide to abbreviate one or two names to make their names easier for people to remember.