Why do depressed people sleep so much

  • 1 They don't want to wake up

    When a person gets depressed, they lose enthusiasm towards most life activities. As a result, the person might not feel like waking up and so they might remain in bed.

  • 2 They don't have energy

    When a person gets depressed, they lose a great amount of energy, and as a result, they might not find enough energy to wake up in the morning. The lack of energy might keep the person trapped in bed.

  • 3 They think it won't make a difference

    When a person gets depressed, they lose hope in life. In such a case, the person might believe that whether they get up or not things are going to remain the same and so they might decide to keep sleeping. See how does it feel like to get depressed.

  • 4 They want to escape

    Humans sometimes use sleep to escape from unwanted problems and bad moods. Because a depressed person feels bad about life, they might feel like wanting to escape by sleeping for long periods of time.

  • 5 They feel tired

    Depressed people feel more tired than normal people. Every action feels like it needs much more effort, and as a result, the depressed person might just remain in bed.

  • 6 They lack motivation

    Depressed people lose motivation in doing most life tasks. Because of this lack of motivation, depressed people might find it very hard to get out of bed. See also why do people get depressed.

  • 7 They are emotionally drained

    Depressed people can make the person become emotionally drained. The person might want to get up but a part of them will force them to keep lying in bed.

  • 8 They are awake in bed

    Many depressed people stay in bed even after they wake up because they don't feel like getting up and facing life problems.

  • 9 To pass time

    Some depressed people who await an important event that might affect their mood might choose to sleep a lot in order to let time pass faster so that they can reach that event.

  • 10 To make it clear they are depressed

    Some depressed people choose to remain in bed in attempt to make their caregivers realize that they are going through a hard time.