Why do gamers collect Trophies/Achievements

    Why do gamers collect Trophies/Achievements

  • 1 They give a sense of accomplishment

    Earning trophies (PS) or achievements (XBox) gives the player a sense of accomplishment. Trophies and achievements come with a description that explains how they earned the trophy.

  • 2 It's something to brag about

    Gamers brag to one another in conventions and meetings about the trophies they earned.

  • 3 It makes the game extra difficult

    Completing a game is one thing, but earning all the trophies for that game is something that's a little bit more difficult. It makes the game more fun and more challenging.

  • 4 It boosts their sense of pride

    Achieving ultra rare trophies on PSN with a very low percentage of gamers having it boosts the sense of pride in Gamers. It makes them keep going to gain hard achievements.

  • 5 It's more personal than in-game awards

    Trophies and achievements on consoles make the gaming experience more personal as they are something the player earns outside of the game.

  • 6 They level up the player

    The progress of the player is measured by the trophies and achievements they earn on the console.

  • 7 They rank the player

    Players with more trophies are ranked higher over players with less trophies in online lists.

  • 8 They show in the online status

    The online status of a player or their name tag has the number of trophies in it. It is a decoration that many players like to boost.

  • 9 It shows the player's mileage

    The mileage of the player on consoles is measured by the trophies they earned. The newer generations starting from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are counted into the trophies which shows that the player is not a new one.