Why do holidays pass so fast

    Why do holidays pass so fast

  • 1 You maintain the same routine

    According to psychologists, new experiences can result in the creation of new memories, and as a result, can make a holiday seem longer. Doing the same exact routine on a holiday will make it seem like it passed too fast.

  • 2 We become less conscious of time

    When we enjoy our time, we become less conscious of it. The fact that we stop watching the clock every now and then makes time seem like going faster. During routine work, we might keep checking the time every now and then and so it doesn't seem to pass fast.

  • 3 Emotions affect perception

    The emotions you feel on a given day affects your perception of time. Some unpleasant emotions can make a day seem longer. Because holidays are usually full of good emotions, they can seem very short. See also why vacations are important.

  • 4 You do few activities on the weekend

    According to psychologists, a day can seem longer when a person does many activities in it compared to when they do nothing significant such as watching TV.

  • 5 Time already passes fast

    Time already passes fast, but because we become too focused on holidays, we believe that they go too fast compared to normal days.

  • 6 You don't learn new things

    If new information is sent to the brain, it will take some time to process them and so the day will seem longer. If you want your holiday to seem longer then try to learn new things.

  • 7 Holidays are short compared to work days

    Most people take short holidays compared to the number of work days they work around the year. This is why holidays always seem shorter in comparison to work days.