Why do I cough after eating

  • 1 The person has allergies

    A person may having a coughing fit or a mild cough after eating due to being allergic to a substance in the food they ate. Other symptoms of allergies may include watery eyes and a stuffy nose. 

  • 2 Eating cold food

    Some people experience a cough after eating cold foods such as ice cream. 

  • 3 Suffering from an infection

    If a person is suffering from an infection in their larynx, they might experience a cough after eating. In this case, visiting a doctor for medication is needed. 

  • 4 Due to acid reflux

    Acid reflux after eating may lead to coughing, in addition to heartburn in some cases. It's also common to suffer from indigestion, malnutrition and bloating if you experience coughing due to acid reflux. 

  • 5 A dehydrated throat

    You may experience coughing after eating if you're not staying hydrated, which could result in your throat drying out and leading to coughing. 

  • 6 Not chewing food properly

    If you don't chew your food properly and eat too fast, it is very likely to experience coughing after eating, as it is hard for your body to digest the food. 

  • 7 Due to smoking

    Many smokers experience a wet cough after eating since smoking has a negative effect on their throats. 

  • 8 Discomfort in swallowing

    Some people suffer from dysphagia, which is discomfort in swallowing that leads to coughing after eating. Eating soft foods in smaller bites can help with this problem. 

  • 9 Due to spicy food

    Eating spicy food can irritate the throat and lead to coughing after eating.