Why do I hate noise so much

  • 1 It disturbs your thoughts

    Noise disturbs the thinking process, as it forces us to focus on it. A typical person will find noise annoying because it might prevent them from being fully focused.

  • 2 It makes you angry

    When we see someone making noise, we might actually become angry at this person. In such a case, the anger component makes the noise even more annoying. See why do we become angry.

  • 3 It makes you stressed

    According to psychologists, stress happens when two different things strive to get our attention at the same time. Once you focus on something, noise will become that second thing trying to get your attention even though your brain is already busy. This causes a lot of stress.

  • 4 You are sensitive to noise

    Some people are more sensitive to noise than others. People who are more sensitive to noise are more likely to get disturbed by it than those who are less sensitive to it.

  • 5 You have misophonia

    Misophonia is a condition in which noise or certain sounds results in many negative and unpleasant emotions. Misophonia is sometimes referred to as hatred of sound. People with misophonia find noise very annoying. See why we hate the sounds people make while eating.

  • 6 You suffer from PTSD

    If you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), noise might affect you more than it affects other people. People with PTSD can easily get stressed and anxious when they hear an unpleasant noise.

  • 7 You are always busy

    People who are busy working on something are more likely to get annoyed by noise than those who are free doing nothing. If you are a TYPE A person or if you are always busy then noise might annoy you so much.

  • 8 Your ear is damaged

    If you have some kind of ear damage then you might become overly sensitive to sounds and noises. In such a case, noise is very likely to annoy you.

  • 9 You have brain injury

    If you suffer from some kind of brain damage then you might become overly sensitive to sounds.

  • 10 The air waves get messed up

    Normal sound happens when the air waves vibrate in a steady way. Noise happens when the waves vibrate in a messy way. This type of waves is annoying to humans.

  • 11 You are already stressed

    If you are going through a stressful phase in your life then any external sensory input will make you more stressed. In such a case, noise will be very unpleasant because it will add to your stress.