Why do Sunglasses make you look better

    Why do Sunglasses make you look better

  • 1 Symmetrical faces are considered attractive

    Humans find people with symmetrical faces more attractive. Sunglasses hide a part of the face and makes it perfectly symmetrical.

  • 2 It makes the person more mysterious

    According to psychologists we find predictable people less interesting than mysterious ones. As Sunglasses hide the eyes they make a person look more attractive (See also why beards make men more attractive)

  • 3 The make the face appear more defined

    Sunglasses make the face appear more defined as it gives it the face of a chiseled bone structure.

  • 4 The media created an association in our minds

    As the media kept showing us attractive people wearing sunglasses we started to develop an association between good looks and sunglasses.

  • 5 The area around the eyes usually has imperfections

    The area around the eyes is more likely to have imperfections. By hiding that area a person can look much more attractive.

  • 6 It makes you bolder and more confident

    Research found that people feel safer when they wear sunglasses and so they are more likely to act boldly and confidently. This can make a person , especially men, more attractive.

  • 7 They were associated with risky sports

    According to refinery29 until the 50s sunglasses were associated with aviation and risky water and snow sports. This made them appeal more to people.

  • 8 Can make men seem more masculine

    Because sunglasses can hide the eyes of men who have large eyes and can make their soft face seem more chiseled they can make them appear more masculine (See how to tell if a man has high testosterone). 

  • 9 Make them seem less interested

    Because sunglasses hide the the eyes and prevent proper eye contact they make people seem less interested in others and so more attractive. Research has shown that women like bad boys because they are hard to please.