Why do Youtubers disable comments

    Why do Youtubers disable comments

  • 1 Unable to handle criticism

    When a Youtuber becomes unable to handle the criticism and harassment by negative people, haters and those who don't like their work, they might disable comments.

  • 2 The video is a clickbait

    If the video is a clickbait that was created solely for marketing purposes then the video creator might disable comments to prevent people from warning each other about the video's content.

  • 3 They don't want negative comments

    Some people don't like negative comments to show up on their videos. Those people might believe that those negative comments will demotivate people and prevent them from watching their videos. See why Youtubers ask for likes.

  • 4 They are narcissists

    Narcissists are very likely to delete negative comments from social networks or to disable them all together. For a narcissist, their work is not subject to criticism by people who don't understand it.

  • 5 They can't respond to them all

    When a channel gets popular, a Youtuber might disable comments because they are no longer able to respond to them. In such a case, the Youtuber might disable comments in order not to feel pressured to respond to them. See why Youtube is very popular.

  • 6 They talk about controversial things

    If the Youtuber is talking about a controversial thing then they might feel like disabling the comments to free themselves from the endless debates. Controversial Youtubers might also do the same thing to get peace of mind.

  • 7 To prevent spam

    Some Youtubers might disable comments because of Spam. If the channel is getting too much spam comments then the Youtuber might feel like disabling them.

  • 8 They don't want people to affect each other

    Some Youtubers might disable comments because they don't want viewers to affect each other. In such a case, disabling comments all together helps them reach that goal. See why Youtube is better than TV.

  • 9 Broken comment system

    Some people blamed Youtube's commenting system and said that some updates made it not that effective in showing genuine comments first.