Why do babies cry on planes

    Why do babies cry on planes

  • 1 Their ears hurt

    Many babies experience pain in their ears when flying due to the pressure, which could make them cry.

  • 2 They're sitting in an uncomfortable position

    If a baby is being carried in one position by their mother the whole flight, they might start feeling uncomfortable, which may lead to crying. 

  • 3 The air smells strange

    Babies might start crying on planes when the air smells strange to them, as babies are affected by the slightest change in their environment. 

  • 4 The noises are too loud

    Babies on airplanes could start crying due to the loud noises of the plane that irritate them.

  • 5 Due to turbulence

    When a plane goes through rough turbulence it might get scary for all passengers, including babies who might start crying.

  • 6 They have an upset stomach

    Babies on a plane might start crying if they're experiencing an upset stomach. 

  • 7 It's been a long trip

    Long trips can get exhausting for most flight passengers, and babies might start crying when they're feeling tired as well.

  • 8 They don't like wearing seatbelts

    Older kids who get to sit in a seat of their own might start fidgeting and crying when they're forced to wear their seat belt.

  • 9 They're bored

    Children on planes might start crying when they feel bored on a long flight and not having anything to do.

  • 10 They're not getting their sleep

    Babies might start crying during a flight if it's scheduled during their sleep time, which could make them cranky and fussy.

  • 11 They're used to a certain enivornment

    Babies could start crying on planes because they experience a change in the environment they're used to. 

  • 12 They're hungry

    Babies might simply start crying on planes when they feel hungry. Crying in this case is a signal that they want to be fed.