Why do customers lie

    Why do customers lie

  • 1 To get something for free

    A customer can lie to get a refund, reimbursement or any other kind of a free reward. The main purpose of the customer in such a case is getting something for free.

  • 2 To prove themselves right

    We humans always want to be right; however, for people with not enough self-control they can go to great lengths just to prove themselves right. Those people can lie or be dishonest just not to be proven wrong.

  • 3 They think it makes them smart

    People's actions and behavior depend on their beliefs. If a person believes that lying to others and getting away with it makes them smart then they will actually be motivated to lie and cheat.

  • 4 To abuse a system

    So many systems, such as a refund system, give customers extra power that they can easily abuse. Some customers become tempted to abuse certain systems and so they become dishonest to achieve their goals. See also why some customers are so rude.

  • 5 To get a faster service

    Some customers lie to employees in order to get a faster or better service. The customer's motive in such a case might be to save time or get better goods.

  • 6 They are already liars

    People who lie often are very likely to lie during business transactions, especially when the process involves an exchange of money. The problem in such a case is with the person's ethics. See why do people lie.

  • 7 They believe your prices are high

    Some customers lie to get back some of their money when they believe that product prices are high. In such a case, the customer feels bad about the purchase and then they try to use twisted ways to get their money.

  • 8 They believe the business deserves it

    According to psychologists, people seek justifications for their own wrong behavior. A dishonest customer could simply assume that the business deserves to be lied to.

  • 9 Low ethical standards

    People who have low ethical standards and those who adopt the Machiavellian principles might lie, cheat or steal in order to get what they want.

  • 10 The system encourages them

    Some systems such as the refund or the chargeback system encourage those who are already dishonest to lie in order to get something for free.

  • 11 To make the problem seem bigger

    Some customers are honest about the problems they describe; however, they can add some lies to the problem's description in order to make the problem sound more serious.

  • 12 They are angry

    Customers are more likely to lie when they are angry. In such a case, their anger motivates them to lie in order to seek revenge or get their right back.