Why do dogs bark at night

    Why do dogs bark at night

  • 1 They hear strange sounds

    Dogs are capable of hearing sounds that humans don't notice. Dogs barking at night may be an indication that they hear some strange noises. 

  • 2 They see other animals

    Dogs might bark at night when they see night-time animals, especially wildlife animals. See Why do dogs bark at cats

  • 3 They hear other dogs barking

    Dogs often engage in what is called social facilitated barking, which means they might start barking at night when they hear another dog barking in the neighborhood. See Why dogs attack other dogs

  • 4 There is a foreign visitor

    If a dog is barking at night, it might be due to the appearance of a foreign visitor or a trespasser in the area. See Why do dogs bite humans

  • 5 They are bored

    Dogs can sometimes get bored so they bark to entertain themselves. 

  • 6 To release energy

    If a dog has too much pent up energy, he might keep barking at night to release this energy. 

  • 7 They are lonely

    Dogs can get very lonely since they are social animals. Barking at night is an indication of loneliness. 

  • 8 They're trying to grab a human's attention

    Dogs may bark at night when they are trying to grab a human's attention, especially if they are kept outside the house. 

  • 9 They are triggered by moving objects

    If a dog is kept inside the house and barks at night, it might be due to him seeing something moving through the window, for example. 

  • 10 They are afraid

    Dogs may start barking at night when they are afraid of something that is going on around them. 

  • 11 To signal danger

    A dog may start barking at night to signal danger to his owners or those around him. In this case, the dog is acting as an alarm. 

  • 12 To signal pain

    Dogs may keep barking at night if they are experiencing pain and are asking for help. 

  • 13 They are not trained

    Dogs may bark incessantly at night if they are not trained to be quiet during the night and only bark when necessary.