Why do some people like the TV show Riverdale?

  • 1 The female friendship

    Cheryl, Betty and Veronica are three very interesting characters in the show. They're very strong, they don't put up with anything, and even though they seem like 3 women with dark traits, they still give a feminine sense in the show.  

  • 2 It tackles important issues

    One of the most interesting things in the show is that it tackles some important issues. For example, one the episodes discussed sexual harassment and the issue went viral over social networks. 

  • 3 It's based on a comic book

    The series is based on a very famous comic book called Archie. It's one of the bestselling comic books around the world. The series includes most of its characters; Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. 

  • 4 The first Asian leading actor

    American TV shows never had an Asian leading character until Riverdale came out. Ross Butler, who's originally Chinese, is one of the leading characters in the show. In one of his interviews, he indicated that his role in Riverdale broke the stereotype of Asian characters on television.

  • 5 What happened to Polly

    Something happened between two characters on the show, Polly and Jason.The fans know that the reason Polly was sent away by her family was something Jason did, but the storyline didn't show any clues for that reason so everyone is waiting for an answer. 

  • 6 The cast is hot

    Everyone tweeted about how hot the characters of the show are, especially when Archie took off his shirt in one of the episodes, and when Sally and Betty seduced Chuck. Fans are also crazy about Jughead's good looks.   

  • 7 The romance is good

    People who enjoy a little romance like the various relationships on the show. The relationship between Archie and Veronica, followed by the kiss that everyone tweeted about and the romance between Archie and Miss Grundry were very interesting love stories on the show.   

  • 8 Jughead and Archie's friendship

    Even though their relationship was damaged, Jughead and Archie were two friends who discussed every emotional thought they had in their lives. This made every man who watches the show more open to discuss emotional matters with their male friends. 

  • 9 The mean girl is interesting

    Every teen show has a mean girl character. On Riverdale, Medalaine Petsch played the mean girl character, 'Cheryl Blossom'. Her one-liners on the show add a lot to the drama and the strength of her character's profile.  

  • 10 The funny moments

    Despite it being a murder mystery show, Riverdale had its funny moments. Just when people caught up with the drama, a line like 'be the jay to my bey' broke all the misery. 

  • 11 The music is good

    Music is very important in TV production, as it makes the show a lot more interesting and entertaining. Archie, the lead character plays the guitar, writes songs and also sings. Throughout the series, he helps the pussycats produce a brand new song. 

  • 12 The parents are wise

    The parents on Riverdale are all full of drama. They give advice on avoiding badly influential friends and how seeking a music career is not as promising as people may think.