Why do some employees hate their boss

  • 1 They are treated disrespectfully

    Bosses who treat their employees with disrespect will usually be met with hatred. 

  • 2 Makes them work overtime

    Employees usually dislike it when their bosses make them work overtime with minimal or no compensation. 

  • 3 Pries into their personal lives

    Employees usually hate it when their bosses involve themselves in their employees' personal lives.

  • 4 Has a bad attitude

    If a boss has a bad attitude with their employees, they will be met with hatred in return.

  • 5 They are not given credit

    Some bosses don't give credit to their employees when they deserve it, which could make the employees have negative feelings towards their boss. 

  • 6 They are bullied

    Some bosses bully their employees and give them a hard time, which could result in hatred and anger.

  • 7 Lack of communication

    A boss that doesn't communicate well with their employees and acts alone can result in negative feelings. 

  • 8 Too much criticism

    Many bosses criticize their employees too much and never focus on anything except the bad things. 

  • 9 Doesn't offer training or help

    A boss that is not helpful will most probably not be loved by their employees. 

  • 10 Always shouting

    Some bosses are incapable of speaking in a regular, low tone, and instead always shout and yell. 

  • 11 Intimidated by them

    Employees are often intimidated by their boss, which could develop into negative emotions associated with fear such as resentment and anger. 

  • 12 Due to not being friendly

    Some bosses prefer not to be friendly with their employees, which usually has a negative effect on the employees.