Why do exams make you tired

    Why do exams make you tired

  • 1 Stress

    When a person experiences stress for a certain amount of time he usually feels tired as a result. The intense stress felt during an exam can lead to being tired. See why do exams cause stress.

  • 2 Less glucose in blood

    According to studies, the thinking process lets the body consume the glucose in the bloodstream fast. This can lead to feelings of exhaustion.

  • 3 Lower blood oxygen levels

    According to a study, when a person does a mentally demanding task the oxygen levels in the blood usually go lower, and as a result the person might feel tired. See why studying makes you hungry.

  • 4 Strong brain activity

    Because exams are usually demanding, strong activity takes place in the brain and as a result a person might feel tired after an exam.

  • 5 Anxiety feelings

    In addition to the stress experienced, some students experience anxiety during exams. The turbulent emotions a student goes through can make him feel tired after an exam.

  • 6 Lack of sleep

    Many students don't sleep well during exam days, and as a result they might feel very tired right after completing the exam. 

  • 7 Racing with time

    In addition to the stress experienced during exams, an additional amount of stress is experienced as students do their best to race with time and to finish all questions before the allowed time ends.

  • 8 Fight or flight response gets triggered

    Some students experience fear during exams, and as a result their fight or light responses get triggered. This factor also contributes to the feelings of exhaustion after an exam.

  • 9 They were already tired

    Most students mentally exhaust themselves during exam days. The student may only focus on the fact that he is tired right after the exam, as the exam usually distracts him.

  • 10 The brain is energy intensive

    Research has shown that the brain is an energy intensive organ. The brain consumes about 20% of the energy produced by the body during rest. Because the brain works hard during an exam, exhaustion might happen.