Why do friends grow apart

    Why do friends grow apart

  • 1 They move to different places

    One of the strong reasons that keeps people close is physical proximity. As people move to different places or travel, they might get less connected to each other and so their friendship might weaken.

  • 2 They lose common interests

    According to psychologists, common interests bond friends together and keep them close. If the common interests of two friends changed then they might become less connected to each other and so drift apart. See also why opposite sex friendship is hard to last.

  • 3 One friend gets really busy

    When one friend gets very busy that they stop meeting, their other friend's intimacy gets reduced. As intimacy gets reduced, people feel less connected to the absent friend and so they might not contact that friend as often as they used to do.

  • 4 A friend gets into a relationship

    Some people get very busy when they get into a relationship. Some friends disappear completely after getting into a relationship; thus weakening the connection between them and the rest of their friends.

  • 5 It wasn't a real friendship

    Some friendships happen because people find themselves stuck together at school, college or work. When those people move on with their lives and stop seeing each other, their friendship usually ends. See also why making friends online is dangerous.

  • 6 A change of heart

    Sometimes a person might start to develop negative emotions towards one or more of their friends due to jealousy, for example. Those emotions are usually not brought to the surface and they can slowly make a friend become distant.

  • 7 Serious lifestyle change

    If a serious lifestyle change happened to a person then they might disappear and stop contacting their friends often. In such a case, intimacy gets reduced and the connection between those people slowly weakens.

  • 8 Absence of intimacy

    If one friend decided to keep their lives, emotions or secrets private from their friends then intimacy might get reduced. As intimacy starts to fade, it becomes easier for people to drift apart.

  • 9 Unresolved conflicts

    If a conflict happened between two friends and wasn't resolved in a proper way then one of them might choose to slowly distant themselves from the other.

  • 10 Development of trust issues

    If one person started developing doubts about the loyalty of a friend then they might stop sharing information with them. This behavior can reduce intimacy and affect the friendship badly, causing people to drift apart.