Why Do Girls Love To Gossip?

    Why Do Girls Love To Gossip?

  • 1 To fit in

    Gossiping is a way of sharing secrets, it can show that the person talked to is trusted. Some girls choose to gossip just to bond with their friends and fit in.

  • 2 To feel better about themselves

    Gossiping can result when girls start to doubt their abilities or beauty. Gossiping can result from low self-esteem and lack of confidence; when they spot the other person's imperfections, they feel that they are superior (See also what are the body language signs of confidence).

  • 3 To reduce stress

    Studies has shown that gossping can reduce stress. Talking out loud about a bad situation another person is in or about the hard times they are facing, makes people appreciate what they are having and feel better about their life (See also the causes of stress).

  • 4 Gossip is a learnt trait or a habit

     Gossip makes up about two-thirds of the naturally occurring conversations of adult men and women. So kids grow up with this habit acquired from their surroundings (Learn how to build a new habit).

  • 5 Boredom can sometimes lead to gossip

    When some girls get bored, they might start noticing what others around them are wearing or how they are acting. It can be the start of a new topic.

  • 6 Envy and jealousy lead to gossip

    Jealousy leads to envy. If a girl is jealous from another and started envying her lifesyle or beauty, she might start to talk bad about her so that others hate her. This gives some girls a feeling of satisfaction (See also why people get jealous).

  • 7 To grab attention

    Some girls gossip to steal the spot lights and to be the center of attention. Usually, these girls gossip in a disrespectful way, making fun of others. They grab attention by making others laugh and sometimes by spreading scandals ( See also why people seek attention).

  • 8 Gossip provides a sense of reassurance

     ‘We gossip to share our worries, seeking reassurance and support,’ says psychiatrist Frédéric Fanget. ‘It’s an indirect way of speaking well of yourself, and your listeners. 

  • 9 Unfair treatment leads to gossip

    Psychologists say that women gossip when they feel that they are unfairly treated. If women stopped feeling like victims and invested this energy on self-development instead, they would stop gossiping.

  • 10 Gossip can be a sign of liking someone

    The more a girl likes a guy, the more she will talk about him; even if she speaks about him in a negative way (See more signs that show that someone likes you).

  • 11 People gossip as a way of revenge

    Some people gossip when a person hurts them and they can do nothing about it. The only thing they can do is to gossip about them to get out all of their frustration. It gives them a feeling of having revenge to compensate their weakness.

  • 12 To make new friends

    As Psychology Today points out, the information a person acquires about other people allows them to gain access to intimate details surrounding the people in their social network. It can help facilitate relationships and bring them closer together.

  • 13 To feel powerful

    Having personal information about others makes a person feel powerful even if he won't use it. Knowing others' problems and flaws makes a person feel stronger.

  • 14 Curiosity leads to gossip

    Some girls are very curious and love to kow every single detail about others. They might start to gossip in order to have additional information from the group they are talking to (See also why people become curious).