Why do humans have double standards

    Why do humans have double standards

  • 1 People try to proof their beliefs true

    Humans don't think rationally when it comes to their personal important beliefs. Instead of testing their beliefs or questioning them when they find contradicting facts they just stick to the evidences that proof their beliefs right (See why do people lie to themselves).

  • 2 People find excuses for the ones they like

    People might judge a person because he did something wrong but if someone they liked did the same thing they might find him excuses. Emotional attachment can be one of reasons for having double standards.

  • 3 People find excuses for themsleves

    People can accuse others of doing wrong things but when they do them they might find themselves excuses to feel better about what they did.

  • 4 To stay psychologically balanced

    Most people are too afraid to confront themselves with their bad deeds. To prevent any psychological instability from happening a person might form double standards.

  • 5 Self deception

    Humans are masters of self deception. A person can lie to himself, reinforce the lie then believe in it just to attain a certain important goal. A very large percentage of humans do lie to themselves then believe those lies.

  • 6 Hatred fuels double standards

    When people hate a person they will automatically try to find anything wrong with him. As soon as the person does any small mistake it will be considered a crime even if that mistake was acceptable. When people hate a person they might develop double standards to justify their hatred.

  • 7 To justify their actions

    A person might feel guilty if he did a bad thing without proper justification. Double standards can be a very helpful way of thinking in such cases. By claiming that some people deserve to be mistreated a person can feel better about his actions.

  • 8 Emotions prevent rational thinking

    When emotions take over someone's mind he becomes anything but rational. When people get emotional they can develop double standards because their rational thinking will be blinded by those emotions.

  • 9 Because their memory is selective

    The human memory is highly selective. A person might not remember the things he doesn't want to remember. A person can easily forget about what he did to others then blame them for doing bad things to him.

  • 10 Low emotional intelligence

    People who aren't emotionally intelligent can take irrational decisions when they fail to control their emotions. The ones who are emotionally intelligent usually manage to separate their thinking patterns from their emotions.

  • 11 Because of Racism

    Racism can promote double standards. A person who discriminates against a certain race will usually judge their actions in a very harsh way while he will be more forgiving when dealing with his own race.

  • 12 Because of selfishness

    A selfish person will usually have double standards. Because that person might believe that he is better than others he will judge them badly while giving excuses for his actions.