Why do humans laugh

    Why do humans laugh

  • 1 Laughter isn't just about jokes

    According to a study less than 20% of laughter happens because of funny things. While jokes and funny situations do make people laugh still laughter mostly happens for too many different reasons apart from encountering something funny (see what makes a joke funny).

  • 2 To bond with people

    Laughter is believed to have the purpose of allowing people to bond with each other. Because humans are social beings their need to connect with others and bond with them is so important that they use laughter to come closer to each other.

  • 3 When they Feel superior

    Humans can laugh when they feel superior. This is very common when a person falls on the ground and his friends start laughing. Because those people felt superior to the friend who fell they felt like laughing (See why we laugh when someone falls).

  • 4 When a psychological goal is met

    If a joke helped a person meet an important psychological goal , such as making fun of the political party he hates, then this person is very likely to laugh. While the funny part contributed to the laughter of that person still a major part of the laughing came from the psychological relief.

  • 5 To cope with tension

    People laugh to cope with tension, when they feel stressed or anxious. People who burst in laughter inside elevators when strangers are around usually do it to ease the tension they are feeling.

  • 6 Because they are happy

    When a person succeeds at doing something he might feel like laughing. Laughing usually happens when people are happy even if nothing funny happened.

  • 7 A means of communication

    People use laughter to communicate with others, to display interest or agreeableness. Apart from funny situations people can still laugh to communicate something to their friends or peers.

  • 8 To cope with trauma

    Laughter is one of the defense mechanisms people use to cope with bad times and emotional trauma. By making fun of the bad situation a person can feel better about it.

  • 9 To mirror their friends

    Laughter can happen when a person sees his friends laughing. The mirror neurons in the brain fire when a person sees others laughing and so he might start laughing as well.

  • 10 Dopamine spike

    Novelty and unexpected twists can result in a Dopamine spike that leads to laughter. This can be noticed in jokes that have unexpected endings or novel events.

  • 11 To cope with embarrassment

    People can laugh to cope with embarrassment. When a person falls on the ground in a public place he might laugh to ease some of the embarrassment he is experiencing. See why we laugh at serious situations. See why we laugh at serious situations.

  • 12 To demonstrate superiority

    People can laugh to communicate superiority. The famous laugh of criminals and evil people in movies when they are about to achieve their goals is a perfect example of laughter that intends to communicate superiority.