Why do I like the smell of my own farts

    Why do I like the smell of my own farts

  • 1 They smell familiar

    Scientists discovered that familiar things are found to be much more appealing to humans than unfamiliar ones. As ones own fart smells familiar, it smells better.

  • 2 They are unique

    The bacteria producing the smell of a fart in each person's body is totally unique, and as a result a person's fart has a distinguishable smell. This is why a person's fart smells familiar to him.

  • 3 Farts of others can spread disease

    According to scientists, farts can carry poop particles that can lead to the spreading of diseases. As a person can't infect himself with a diseases, he finds the smell of his own fart more appealing. See why Farts are funny.

  • 4 They are expected

    When a person farts a part of his brain expects to smell a certain smell but as a stranger farts silently the unexpected smell can annoy the person who wasn't expecting it.

  • 5 They belong to you

    People have the tendency to like the things that belong to them. This is one reason why some people try to look for relationship partners who look like them. The fact that the fart belongs to you makes it more acceptable.

  • 6 They provide relief

    When a person farts, especially after holding it in for a while, he experiences relief. The feelings of relief could get associated with the smell of the fart in the mind, and as a result a person might like the smell of his own farts.

  • 7 You got used to them

    When a person enters a stinky room the smell shortly becomes more tolerable as a person gets used to it. Because we got used to smelling our own farts, they tend to smell more acceptable.