Why do i look bad in photos

    Why do i look bad in photos

  • 1 The camera takes 2D pictures of people

    Cameras take 2D pictures of people unlike the human eye which sees people in a 3D form. Some faces become much less attractive when they are converted to the 2D form as some lines disappear from the face.

  • 2 You look unfamiliar to yourself

    Mirrors show a reversed image of our faces as opposed to photos which show the image people see. When we see our faces in a form we are not familiar with we might not like it. (See also why familiar faces seem more attractive)

  • 3 Brain adjustments are absent

    The brain always makes adjustments to the objects it sees to adjust lighting and contrast. When a photo is taken, the brain adjustment is gone and thus some faces can appear weird. See why sunglasses make people more attractive.

  • 4 We are used to seeing faces in action

    The brain is used to seeing faces in action. The camera pauses the moment and shows a still face in the photo. This still photo can look strange and unpleasant. 

  • 5 The camera angle can make us look unattractive

    When caught from a certain angle some photos of faces do look unattractive. Because photos are usually taken from random angles some people look bad in photos. (See also why some people hate to appear on photos).

  • 6 A different focal length can make a person look ugly

    Standing close or far from the camera can change the way someone looks and can result in an undesired picture.

  • 7 Your smile is fake

    A fake smile looks very different from a real smile. Some people try to fake a smile when a photo is taken of them and this is why their pictures appear strange to them (See The difference between a real smile and a fake one).

  • 8 The human eye is much more powerful

    The human eye is believed to be equivalent to a 576 mega pixel camera. Because cameras can't really take the same picture as it seems to the human eye, some people don't appear good looking in pictures.

  • 9 You make a camera face

    Many people feel anxious when a camera is pointed at them and so they make certain faces to feel at ease. This can result in bad looking pictures (see also why do women make duck faces in pictures).

  • 10 Each picture has a different setting

    Some people complain about looking different in every picture and this is true because each picture usually has its own unique settings such as angle, distance from camera, lighting, height of photographer and many other factors.

  • 11 Your mind can alter your perception

    According to psychologists, the mind can alter our perception of the things we see. If you dislike something about yourself then it will seem uglier in pictures just because your mind has tweaked the image in a certain way.