Why do i look ugly in Sunlight

    Why do i look ugly in Sunlight

  • 1 Natural sunlight shows all imperfections

    Natural sunlight usually shows all imperfections in the face. This is why a person might seem less pretty in direct sunlight.

  • 2 It's not familiar

    According to psychologists we find familiar faces attractive. Most people are used to seeing themselves in their home mirrors with a certain degree of artificial lighting. Those people might find their images unfamiliar in sunlight.

  • 3 Acne and scars become more visible

    In direct sunlight Acne and scars usually become more visible. This can make a person seem less attractive. See why you look ugly in some mirrors.

  • 4 Your Face appears less symmetrical

    According to psychologists we find symmetrical face more attractive. Direct sunlight can make imperfections more clear and so our faces can seem less attractive.

  • 5 You just woke up

    most people get exposed to the sun on their way to work or school. Right after waking up a person's face can look less attractive for sometime, See why you look ugly in photos.

  • 6 Bad weather can affect the looks

    Direct sunlight , dust and other weather conditions can affect the health of the skin. Looking in a mirror while being subjected to those conditions can make you look less attractive, See why sunglasses make us more attractive.

  • 7 Sweat can affect how people look

    During sunlight a thin film of sweat can be released. This layer of sweat can change light properties and result in changing our looks, See why we sometimes look ugly on videos.