Why do I sleep too much

    Why do I sleep too much

  • 1 Excessive fatigue

    Excessive fatigue or a life style that promotes it can lead to excessive sleep. In such a case, sleep duration returns to normal when the fatigue is removed.

  • 2 Poor sleep quality

    If you do not have a good quality sleep, your body might need more hours in order to recover. In such a case, you will wake up very tired even if you slept for 8 hours or more. See how to have a good night sleep.

  • 3 Irregular sleep schedule

    If you do not have a regular sleep schedule, a sleeping debt might be built and so you might need more sleep on certain days. If, for example, you slept for four hours on one day, on the next day your body will need a longer sleep time to recover.

  • 4 Sleep apnea

    If you have sleep apnea  a condition where tissues of the throat close off during sleep, you might get poor sleeping quality and feel tired throughout the day. This could lead to over sleeping. See why over sleeping is bad for your health.

  • 5 Problems with the thyroid gland

    If you have problems with your thyroid glands, such as hypothyroidism, you might feel tired all the time, and as a result, you might sleep for longer periods of time.

  • 6 You might have angina

    According to a study, people who sleep more than 8 hours for long periods of time were twice as likely as those who sleep between six and eight hours to have angina, which is a chest pain that happens when blood supply is restricted.

  • 7 You might be depressed

    Depression can result in excessive sleep or very little sleep. Some of the people who sleep too much discover that they are suffering from depression. See why do people get depressed.

  • 8 You have certain genes

    According to Alon Y. Avidan, a neurologist, some people require 9 to 10 hours of sleep in order for their bodies to recover fully. Those people are natural with no disorders but their genes require them to sleep more.

  • 9 A sign of physical illness

    Many experts say that sleeping for 9 or more hours each day might indicate the presence of a health problem or an illness. See why using a mobile phone before sleeping is bad.

  • 10 Hypersomnia

    Hypersomnia is a condition where a person feels sleepy throughout the day. If you suffer from hypersomnia, you are more likely to sleep for more than 9 hours each day.

  • 11 Anemia

    Anemia can result in making a person tired all the time since it prevents the cells from getting enough oxygen. When this happens, the person might sleep more than usual.

  • 12 Psychological problems

    Oversleeping can also be psychological. Problems as sadness, sudden loss or having a stressful job can force a person to sleep more.