Why do insects bite humans

    Why do insects bite humans

  • 1 They feel threatened

    Most insects bite humans when they feel threatened. Biting in such a case can be a normal response to the threat the insect felt.

  • 2 To defend their nest

    Some insects like ants can bite humans if they come near their nest. Ants can spray an alarm pheromone during danger and then other ants would bite the object carrying this odor. See why do people find insects disgusting.

  • 3 To feed on the blood

    Some insects like mosquitoes can bite humans in order to feed on the blood. Since mosquitoes feed on blood, they usually bite humans. See what attracts mosquitoes to humans.

  • 4 They were warned by other insects

    Many insects can warn their colonies of potential threats, and as a result, those insects might bite humans who come near them. This is a common thing that wasps do in times of danger.

  • 5 They are attracted to your scent

    Some insects get attracted to the human scent. The emission of carbon dioxide, the smell of sweat or the scent of blood can attract some insects to humans. See why do flies land on people

  • 6 You didn't stay calm

    Most insects won't bite you if you remain calm as they approach you. If you respond with panic, you might scare the insect and motivate it to bite you. This is a common reason for wasp bites.

  • 7 You killed one of them

    If you kill an insect, another member of the group might warn the other insects; thus putting them in attack mood. This can lead to an insect bite. See why prehistoric insects were too big.

  • 8 One of them bit you

    If one insect bit you, it will probably signal danger to the other insects and thus motivate them to bite you as well. This is one reason why getting bit by a bee near a hive can result in more bites by other bees.