Why do many people like The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt?

    Why do many people like The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt?

  • 1 It's based on the books

    There are several games based on novels; however, fans often prefer books until it comes to the Witcher games. Most fans prefer the games, which is not common. However, the novels are in Polish so it's understandable that the games are more accessible.

  • 2 It tells the back story

    The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is the third installment in the franchise. However, that doesn't mean that you have to play the first two. The game allows you to catch up on the most important events of the previous titles without having to go back and find out.

  • 3 Open world

    The Wild Hunt is an open world role-playing game. The map is gigantic in comparison to other open world video games.

  • 4 The storyline

    The storyline is very compelling. It isn't a short main quest, but a continuous one that is affected by everything you do.

  • 5 The voice acting

    The voice acting in the Wild Hunt has been praised by critics due to its flawlessness in portraying the characters.

  • 6 The music and atmosphere

    The music captures the atmosphere of the Witcher's world and allows the player to witness it in a very unique way. The rush of adrenaline during battle is captured well by the music, and the same goes to the slower moments of the game.

  • 7 In-game games

    Games like Gwent have managed to get so many fans. Gwent has gone so popular that it's getting its own video game, according to 2016's E3.

  • 8 Gameplay length

    The game exceeds the 150 hours of gameplay, if you decide not to do all the side-quests. 

  • 9 Choices

    Every choice that Geralt makes in the Wild Hunt can affect the outcome of the stage. There are several stages in the game.

  • 10 The combat system

    One of the most refined combat systems in RPG games belongs to The Witcher, as per many critics. Witchers have a unique fighting style, which is very smooth as shown in the game.

  • 11 The romance

    One of the most striking factors of the Wild Hunt is the romance between Geralt and Yennifer. One in-game song in particular was very evident of that, according to the majority of the fans,, was the Wolven Storm.

  • 12 The playback value

    The game has great playback value whether you want to return to the heart-warming story for different choices or merely to relive the story and the atmosphere.

  • 13 It received critical acclaim

    The game received several Game of the Year awards.