Why do men like cars

    Why do men like cars

  • 1 They are their modern horses

    Men are supposed to be hunters, warriors and horse riders. As the technology advanced those needs took a different form. A car unconsciously reminds a man of a horse. Even engine power is measured by the term 'Horse people'. Cars can unconsciously make men feel like raiders.

  • 2 They are extensions to their personalities

    Many men don't see cars as just rides but they believe they are extensions to their personalities. A car is one of the most popular methods men use to express themselves and project their unique personalities.

  • 3 Because they believe they can help them attract women

    Recent studies have shown that men who drive luxurious cars, such as BMW, were found to be more attractive by women. Because some men believe their cars make them more attractive they fall in love with them (See what attracts women).

  • 4 Men are obsessed with power

    A typical man is obsessed with power and strength. Cars allow men to express some of their power obsession through their powerful engines and big sizes. Not all men go for big and powerful cars but the ones who do love their cars so much.

  • 5 Mobility is a form of power over your environment

    The ability to move from one place to another makes a man feel more powerful and in control of his environment. Earlier this goal was achieved by horses and as cars replaced horses men became obsessed with them.

  • 6 Men are usually interested in mechanics

    The mechanics of cars are relatively easy to understand. Men are usually interested in mechanics and the way things work. The fact that they can fix their cars, tweak them or improve them help them satisfy that desire (See why men love watches).

  • 7 Cars allow the release of aggression

    Men can speed up with their cars, move fast and race with other cars. This kind of behavior can help release some of men's aggression. Competitive men might also like the way their cars help them compete with other drivers.

  • 8 Early childhood conditioning

    Since their childhood Boys are given cars to play with while girls are given dolls. And even though boys might already have an innate desire to play with cars the fact that they are conditioned to like them in their early years helps them like cars even more when they grow up.

  • 9 They allow them to demonstrate their masculinity

    A car can make a man feel brave when he speeds up, it can allow him to feel powerful when its big or strong and can allow him to compete with other drivers. Because of all of those factors cars help men demonstrate their masculinity.

  • 10 They show a man's resources

    Cars are universally known to be one of the ways men use to demonstrate their earning power and resources. Because women usually favor resourceful men over others men who understand how important cars can be fall in love with them.

  • 11 They don't cause much trouble

    Some men compare their relationships with their cars to their women. Those men always mention the fact that cars don't cause much trouble compared to women. Those men say that their cars obey the rules, don't talk and are always there for them.

  • 12 Cars are considered masculine

    Because cars are considered masculine many men fall in love with them in order to appear more masculine. Many men do the things connected with masculinity in order to be perceived as more masculine.