Why do men like long hair

  • 1 It signifies health

    Men are hard wired to find healthy women attractive. Signs of health such as long hair, young looks and a balanced body make a woman look more attractive to most men. See what makes a woman attractive to a man.

  • 2 It's a sign of femininity

    According to psychologists, most men get attracted to women who look more feminine. Long hair can make a woman seem more feminine, and can thus make her look more attractive to men. See also what makes a female face attractive to men.

  • 3 It can reflect reproductive potential

    According to attraction experts, men were designed to get attracted to women who are fertile. Since long hair can signal health and fertility, it makes a woman look more attractive to a man. See also why men like feet.

  • 4 They look sexier

    Many men find women with longer hair sexier. This happens because men's sex drive is primarily controlled by their hard wired nature of finding healthy and fertile women sexier. 

  • 5 It can disguise imperfections

    According to experts, both men and women find symmetrical faces attractive. Long hair can disguise some of the imperfections in a woman's face and thus make her face seem more symmetrical and attractive.

  • 6 It can make the jaw look smaller

    Long hair can make a woman's jaw look smaller, which is a sign of femininity. This can make the woman seem more attractive to men.

  • 7 Historical reasons

    Long hair was considered a sign of femininity throughout history. Since men are usually attracted to women who look feminine, long hair was considered a sign of attraction throughout history.

  • 8 It reflects certain qualities

    According to one theory, long hair on women might give the impression that the woman spends time taking care of herself. This could signify self-respect, commitment and even good financial status. This could make the woman more desirable to men.