Why do men think about sex so much

    Why do men think about sex so much

  • 1 They have more testosterone

    Men have a much higher level of testosterone, the male hormone. This hormone has the function of increasing sexual desire and motivating humans to mate. See Why are some people addicted to Porn.

  • 2 Men has straight forward sexual desire

    Men's sexual desire is straight forward. It's easily triggered by visual images. Women on the other hand need some kind of a romantic setup and emotional connection to feel aroused.

  • 3 Biological nature

    Men are hard wired to think about sex more often than women. This kind of thinking helped men throughout history spread out their good genes and protect the human species from extinction.

  • 4 Sex and love for men can be separated from each other

    A man can have a sexual desire for a woman he doesn't love or one he doesn't have emotions for. This makes men more likely to think about women who only get aroused when certain psychological factors are present.

  • 5 The media promotes thinking about sex

    Because men's sexual desire highly depends on visuals any signals sent through the media can motivate men to think more about sex. Many Movies, TV commercials and ads promote thinking about sex either directly on indirectly.

  • 6 To compensate for inferiority

    Most men are put under extreme pressure to be very masculine. As a result, some men develop feelings of inferiority because of believing they are not manly enough. Those men might compensate by thinking about sex more often and by spreading adult jokes.

  • 7 To distract themsleves

    Many men think about sex to distract themselves from annoying tasks and unpleasant thoughts. In such a case sexual thoughts are used as a form of procrastination.