Why do muslims fast

    Why do muslims fast

  • 1 One of the pillars of Islam is fasting

    One of the main pillars of Islam is fasting throughout the Muslim's holy month Ramadan. Muslims were commanded directly to fast throughout Ramadan in their holy book the Quran.

  • 2 To attain closeness to God

    Muslims were commanded to Fast in order to attain 'Taqwa' which is an Arabic word that means closeness to God.

  • 3 To become more spiritual

    During Ramadan Muslims are not supposed to do any bad deeds, in addition to refraining from eating from dawn till dusk. By refraining from food and all bad deeds Muslims can achieve the goal of becoming more spiritual and less materialistic during Ramadan.

  • 4 To experience the feelings of poor people

    Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan to experience the feelings of poor people who can't buy food and to become more able to sympathize with them.

  • 5 To attain more power over thoughts

    During daylight Muslims abstain from food, drinks, smoking, sex, swearing and bad habits. This kind of daily exercise helps a person become more in control of his thoughts and bad human impulses.

  • 6 To learn how to control themselves

    Because Muslims are asked to refrain from many things during the month of Ramadan they can develop a better self-control by fasting (See what happens to your body when you fast). 

  • 7 Exempted muslims

    The elderly, the sick, long distance travelers, pregnant women and women going through menstruation are exempted from fasting.

  • 8 To get spiritual energy to sustain the next 11 months

    Muslims fast in Ramadan to get a powerful spiritual energy that can help them stay close to God for 11 months until the next Ramadan arrives. It's a month where Muslims are commanded to recharge their faith.

  • 9 To Learn gratitude

    When people abstain from Food and water for long hours then finally are allowed to eat and drink they learn to have gratitude for the things they usually overlook like the abundant supply of food and drinks.