Why do people Google Google on Google

    Why do people Google Google on Google

  • 1 They want accurate results

    Some people don't believe that other search engines cannot bring results that are as accurate as Google's results, especially when they search for something about Google itself.

  • 2 They want company information

    Some people Google Google to get company information. Those people believe that the best place to search for information on Google is their search engine.

  • 3 They are playing around

    Some people might just be doing that to play around or out of curiosity. Those people might wonder what would happened if they Googled Google. See why do we become curious.

  • 4 It happened by mistake

    A person might type Google in their browser in order to visit the website while forgetting that some browsers search for the term entered automatically if it wasn't a full site's name.

  • 5 To know what people say about them

    Some people might Google Google to know what other people say about them. Those people might be interested in the opinion of others on the company. See why some people hate Google.

  • 6 To get recent news

    Some people Google Google to get the company's recent news. This becomes more popular when the company shows up in the news as a result of a big event.

  • 7 To access a Google product

    Some people search for the word Google then put a product name in order to easily access one of Google's product. For example, a person might type something like this in the search, 'Google search console' to access the search console.

  • 8 They are used to Google

    Some people are used to Google's search engine that they will hardly use another one. Those people will still use Google even when they want to search for information on Google itself.

  • 9 To test rumors

    Some people spread rumors on the internet that say things such a 'Googling Google can break the internet' or even 'Googling Google can kill you'. Others might hear about those rumors then become curious to test them.