Why do people I don't know add me on Facebook

    Why do people I don't know add me on Facebook

  • 1 They want to get to know you

    When a person you don't know adds you on Facebook, it might mean they want to get to know you. 

  • 2 They heard about you

    Sometimes people add friends on Facebook whom they've heard about from their friends or family. 

  • 3 They are interested in you

    In some cases, adding someone you don't know on Facebook could be a sign of admiration and interest. 

  • 4 It's spam

    Some spam accounts add random people on Facebook.

  • 5 They are selling a product

    Some accounts sell products on Facebook and their way of marketing is adding random people from different social circles. 

  • 6 It's for advertisement

    Some accounts add random people when they are advertising for a restaurant or language center, for example.

  • 7 They liked your photo

    Some people add strangers on Facebook just because they liked their profile photo. 

  • 8 They like your name

    If you have a unique or strange name, some people you don't know may add you because they're intrigued by your name. 

  • 9 To hook up

    Some people add strangers on Facebook for the sole purpose of hooking up with them. 

  • 10 They are perverts

    Some accounts share explicit sexual photos and add people they don't know to engage in sexual interactions with them. 

  • 11 You're a public figure

    Public figures always receive friend requests from people they don't know. 

  • 12 They want something from you

    A person you don't know might add you if they want to ask you for something.