Why do people block others on social networks

    Why do people block others on social networks

  • 1 Bad and negative comments

    Sometimes a person blocks another because the former left a bad or negative comment. In such a case, the assumption that the intention of the person who left the comment is bad could be the reason behind the blocking step.

  • 2 Too many messages

    A person might block another person if the latter keeps sending messages or keeps trying to reach the former in spite of the fact that they are not close friends. In such a case, people block the ones who annoy them.

  • 3 To make the person feel bad

    The act of blocking can be an offensive step meant to make the blocked person feel bad. In such a case, the one who did the block was feeling bad because of what the blocked person initially did to him. See why you got suddenly unfriended.

  • 4 A decision to cut connections

    In some cases, the decision to block someone is a final decision to cut all connections with that person online and in real life. 

  • 5 To stop harassment

    The different kinds of harassment can motivate a person to block the ones harassing him. In such a case, the block intends to prevent those people from ever finding him again. See what happens when you block someone on Facebook.

  • 6 The person got emotionally charged

    When a person doesn't want to get updates from someone, he will usually unfollow or delete them. The act of blocking only happens when the person gets emotionally charged in such a way that he feels like not wanting to cross paths with the blocked person again.

  • 7 As a result of a fight

    After two people fight in real life or have a verbal fight online, one of them is very likely to block the other. See what happens when you block someone on Instagram.

  • 8 To avoid potential harm

    In many cases, people block the ones who can have the potential to harm them in a way or another. If a person believes that another person is a threat, the former might block the latter.

  • 9 Hatred or jealousy

    A person could block another as a result of feelings of hate or jealousy. In such a case, the blocking act is an attempt to find relief. See reasons why people hate you for no reason.

  • 10 To prevent stalking

    If someone is sure that another person is stalking them, they might block that person to avoid this stalking from happening.

  • 11 Ending a romantic relationship

    Many people get offended when a relationship is over or when they decide to end a relationship, and as a result, they might block their exes.