Why do people care about online privacy

    Why do people care about online privacy

  • 1 They are afraid that someone uses their data against them

    People who have rational concerns about online privacy usually fear the fact that someone might use their data against them. Those people are concerned that if everybody knew more about them than they should then this might cause harm to them.

  • 2 They want to feel in control

    Some people care about online privacy because they want to feel in control of their data. While some of those people actually share too much information they still feel safe when they know they can limit the number of people who can see their data.

  • 3 They have problems trusting people

    People who have serious trust issues usually care much more about privacy than others. Because those people always think that others might harm them they become too afraid to disclose their information online even if that information was irrelevant.

  • 4 They believe the data is important belong it belongs to them

    Humans usually assign higher values to the things that belong to them. Some people don't care much about spreading their data online as much as they care about claiming the ownership of their data.

  • 5 They want to feel more important

    People who go lengths to protect their privacy might be doing it just because they want to feel important. By believing that everyone out there is interested in using their data those people get a self esteem boost and feel better about themselves.

  • 6 They are Paraniod

    Paranoid people usually have serious problems posting anything online or even creating accounts on social networks. Those people usually believe that they are in danger and that posting anything online might threaten their well being.

  • 7 They are afraid that people might know about their habits

    People who browse search engines might fear that others know about their browsing habits. As a result those people might become more concerned about their online privacy.

  • 8 They belong to an older generation

    Studies have shown that new generations care less about online privacy. Teens became more likely to share their private information such as their email addresses and phone numbers (See characteristics of generation Z).

  • 9 They want to maintain a certain identity

    People always want to have control over the way others see them. A person might want to remove his account from a dating site because he doesn't want others to know that he had to go online to seek a date.

  • 10 Fear of letting some people know what they are hiding

    So many employees got fired because their bosses accidentally found information through their social networks that showed that they were lying. Some people are concerned about their privacy because they don't want their bosses or the ones they fear know everything about them.

  • 11 They believe in conspiracy theories

    People who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely to care about their online privacy than others. Those people might strongly believe that large corporations will use their data against them somehow.

  • 12 They want to believe they have many stalkers

    Sometimes the act of caring about online privacy is just a way for the person to feel that he is important and desired. A person might care about online privacy as a result of believing that so many people want to stalk him. This kind of thinking gives the person a self esteem boost.