Why do people celebrate their birthdays

    Why do people celebrate their birthdays

  • 1 It's an old Roman tradition

    Birthday celebration is an old tradition that has been present since the time of old Rome. The tradition managed to survive and became universal.

  • 2 The Romans borrowed the tradition from Egyptians

    Some historians believe that the Romans borrowed the tradition from Egyptians who used to celebrate the crowning of pharaohs. While this was not a birthday celebration, some historians believe that Romans borrowed some elements from this event.

  • 3 The Greeks invented birthday candles

    The Greeks were the ones to first come up with the idea of birthday candles. The Greeks created cakes to honor their moon God and used candles to represent the glowing light of the moon.

  • 4 Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus

    At first, the Church was against the tradition of birthday celebration because it was considered a pagan tradition. Later in the 4th century, Christians changed their mind and they started celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  • 5 To honor their birth

    People celebrate their birthday to honor their birth and to celebrate their existence.

  • 6 To celebrate a new year

    People celebrate birthdays to celebrate the new year they are about to live. Birthdays mark the beginning of a new year and the end of the past one. 

  • 7 To feel hopeful

    According to psychologists, people can get some hope when they celebrate a birthday since they mark the end of a phase in their lives then become optimistic about a new phase that is yet to come. See why are some people optimistic.

  • 8 To celebrate living for another year

    To some people, a birthday celebration can be a celebration that they lived for another year and managed to remain fine. See also why people celebrate Valentine's Day.

  • 9 To feel important

    Birthdays make people feel important and loved since they become the center of the event. Many people celebrate birthdays to feel worthy and important.

  • 10 To connect with friends

    Some people celebrate birthdays to connect with friends, family and loved ones. For those people, the birthday is an important event that shows them that some people truly appreciate them.

  • 11 To enjoy the fun event

    To many people, birthdays are fun events that are considered enjoyable. Many people celebrate their birthdays to spend a good day with the ones they care about.