Why do people cheat

    Why do people cheat

  • 1 Their current relationship can't meet all of their needs

    All people have certain important needs and if their current relationship didn't help them satisfy those important needs then they might cheat if they didn't have enough strong moral values to pull them back .

  • 2 To take revenge

    Some people cheat on their spouses to achieve the unconscious goal of getting revenge. If a person wants to take revenge against his relationship partner then he might cheat to achieve that unconscious goal .

  • 3 Secret relationships involve a lot of passion

    Studies have shown that secret relationships involve a lot of passion since the emotions of love are usually mixed with thrill and excitement .

  • 4 Lack of strong moral values

    Without strong moral values that holds them back many people are likely to cheat when they have the chance. Men are more likely to cheat because of the way their brains work .

  • 5 They didn't chose the right person

    Many people get into relationships under the pressure of fear, anxiety, depression or peer pressure. People who didn't chose the right ones for them are more likely to cheat because they have important needs that the current partners can't satisfy .

  • 6 They have low self esteem

    Some people want constant approval from others because they have a low self esteem. Those people are very likely to become players or serial cheaters in order to gain some of the approval they are longing for .

  • 7 Re-testing their self worth

    People who doubt their self worth or who go through certain events that reduces their self confidence might feel like cheating to retest their self worth and to prove to themselves that they are still good .

  • 8 Men need to spread their genes

    Some evolutionary psychologists say then men are more likely to cheat because they always have the built in desire to spread their good genes. Supporters of this theory say that men are not monogamists by nature.

  • 9 They are desirable

    People who are desirable and who in the same time have don't have a great deal of self control can become cheaters. If a person gets many new opportunities and if he can't really hold himself back then he might be a cheater (See why do celebrities divorce a lot).

  • 10 They learned it from their parents

    People who grow in houses where family members cheat might become cheaters as well when they get into relationships .

  • 11 For sexual novelity

    Studies found that men are very likely to see sexual novelty. While women usually need to have feelings for someone to sleep with him men can do it for sexual satisfaction only without having any romantic emotions (see why we like novel things).

  • 12 Unhappy marriage

    Unhappy marriages might lead to cheating. A person who isn't satisfied with his current marriage and who can't end it might turn to cheating to feel better .

  • 13 Having close friendship with members of the other sex

    Close relationships with opposite sexed members might promote cheating in some cases .

  • 14 Wrong beliefs about relationships

    False beliefs about love and romance can promote cheating. People who believe that the intense attraction phase of a new relationship will last forever might become cheaters when they discover they don't get butterflies in their stomachs anymore .

  • 15 Need for attnetion

    People who have intense need for attention that it takes over their behavior might become cheaters just to satisfy that need. This is very likely to happen if the person wasn't getting enough attention already .

  • 16 Can't find emotional connection

    Women who can't find emotional connections with their men are more likely to cheat on them. For women deep emotional connection is very important and that's why its absence can promote cheating .