Why do people climb Mount Everest

  • 1 They do not see it as a risk

    Studies have shown that people who enjoy climbing Mount Everest perceive the experience differently than those who do not have a passion for it.

  • 2 It is a big dream

    People who climb Mount Everest perceive it as a lifelong dream that they wish to accomplish through intense preparations and commitment. 

  • 3 The mountain is alluring

    Some people said that to them the mountain is enchanting and has magical qualities that attract the people to it.  

  • 4 It is the highest mountain in the world

    People dream of reaching the top of the mountain as it is the highest mountain in the world and represents the ultimate achievement.

  • 5 It is a big challenge

    People who are adventurous and like to take on extreme challenges are attracted to the mountain. 

  • 6 They are thrill seekers

    People who climb Mount Everest do so because they are thrill seekers and enjoy the feeling of achieving the impossible. 

  • 7 It signals strength

    Psychologists suggest that some men attempt to climb the mountain as it makes them appear fit and strong to the opposite sex. 

  • 8 It elevates one's status

    People who succeed in climbing the mountain instantly get praise and become higher in status, as they achieved one of the hardest tasks known to man. 

  • 9 They feel proud

    People who reach the summit of the mountain instantly feel proud of themselves. This sense of gratification pushes people to go on such adventures. 

  • 10 It tests your will-power

    Climbing the mountain tests people's will-power and challenges them to keep going even though there's a chance of failure and death.

  • 11 They like the adrenaline rush

    People who take on this enormous challenge enjoy the adrenaline rush they get, which makes them satisfy the reward-seeking part of their brain. 

  • 12 They are attracted by novel things

    Human beings in general seek to experience novel and exciting things that are new to them. In this case, Mount Everest represents a new experience to them. 

  • 13 They are overconfident

    Some people seek to climb the mountain as they are overconfident and believe nothing can get in their way.